How to use this site

Who is it for?
Living Earth Foundation has developed this website to disseminate best practice and share lessons learned.  We hope the resources will be used by people working to develop dialogue and positive outcomes for communities living alongside oil and gas industries, namely local authorities, civil society organisations, universities, environmentalists and others.

How to use the resources on the site: The resources on the site are intended to support practitioners, particularly in the delivery of successful workshops and awareness raising events.

Each page has been designed to be printed so that it can be used as a handout at workshops or shared as a resource document.  You will see a Print/PDF button at the bottom of each page.

  • What works?: Outlines approaches to developing successful dialogue between communities, companies and local government, which can be adapted to your context.
  • Fact sheets: Provide information on some of the key challenges that communities may face. They can be printed and used in workshops.
  • Living Earth Case Studies: Provide examples of successful projects around the world, which can be used as case-studies.
  • Resources: We have created a small library of documents exploring both critical accounts and best practice, and links to further websites.
    • We have developed a selection of tools used to negotiate complex issues, and run successful workshops.


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