Jobs and Oil in Uganda


Uganda is on the cusp of becoming an oil-rich nation. Proven reserves in the Lake Albert region are two billion barrels but may exceed six billion barrels, making Uganda the third-largest African producer.  The World Bank projected that Uganda’s oil production could reach at least 350,000 barrels a day by 2018, with the country earning at least $2 billion in oil revenues each year.

However, experience tells us that expectations for an economic boom and the creation of new jobs may not be felt by poorer parts of society.  In fact, poverty can deepen, with conflict and unrest often emerging in the face of widening inequality. Living Earth Foundation has over 15 years experience and a strong track record of working in oil producing regions including the Niger Delta, which provides us with unique expertise in addressing these complex issues.

Living Earth Foundation and Living Earth Uganda are currently working with communities living around Hoima and Buliisa who are affected by oil and gas developments. The aim of our work is to enhance the social and economic benefits of incoming oil and gas operations for local people by;

  • improving vocational training,
  • increasing opportunities for enterprise and employment,
  • strengthening the ability of communities to engage with stakeholders such as the government and oil and gas companies.

The programme receives funds from the European Union, UK Department for International Development and Comic Relief.


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