Oil Spill – Preparedness and Response

Author: IPIECA
Date: 2008
Categories: Good practice, Guides for Practioners, Oil spills

The IPIECA Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Report Series Summary brings together, for the first time, the complete IPIECA oil spill report series under one cover. It provides a complete overview of issues that can be referenced in the preparation for, and response to, oil spills at sea. The core content of this publication is made up of report summaries which reference the full report series contained on the CD-ROM in English, French, Spanish and Russian. Arabic and Chinese language sets are planned for the future.

The 17 reports in the series focus on the biological impacts of spills on sensitive environments and other general and specific aspects of oil spill contingency planning and response. A number of the reports have been produced in collaboration with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Limited (ITOPF). In preparing these reports IPIECA has mobilized expertise both from within its membership and beyond. The reports represent a consensus of industry views on good practice in oil spill preparedness and response. They are made available to guide oil spill response managers, practitioners, trainers and government officials alike.

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