Global Gas Flaring Reduction – Public Private Partnership

Author: The World Bank
Date: May 2004
Categories: Flaring, Good practice, Guides for Practioners
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This Voluntary Standard for Global Gas Flaring and Venting Reduction (the “Standard”) provides guidance on how to achieve reductions in the flaring and venting of gas associated with crude oil production worldwide. The approach set forth in the Standard is intended to support other flare reduction initiatives and go beyond prevailing flaring and venting practices that would otherwise occur in many countries. The parties supporting this Standard voluntarily choose to endorse the principles laid out in the Standard and to work in cooperation with GGFR Partners to seek solutions to overcome barriers that prevent significant gas flaring and venting reduction.

Consistent with the objective to achieve significant reductions, the Standard focuses initially on the largest sources of flaring and venting of associated gas globally, encouraging prioritization of resources to those operations with the largest potential for reduction. The specific focus of this Standard is to:
·  Eliminate routine sources of associated gas venting that could be captured and conserved or routed to a flare, thereby reducing the direct emissions of methane; and
·  Eliminate or reduce the large sources of associated gas flaring, primarily the major sources of continuous production flaring, other than those related to emergency, safety, and operational upsets.
The Standard has been developed by building upon existing standards, policies, and best practice aimed at reducing flaring and venting, and identifying improvements in those through extensive consultation with the oil and gas industry and the governments of countries where flaring and venting occur.

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