A guide for Biodiversity Action Plan

Author: IPIECA
Date: 2005
Categories: Environment, Good practice, Guides for Practioners

About this Guidance
Biodiversity conservation has risen rapidly up the environmental and political agenda and now represents one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. Oil and gas companies can contribute to international, national and local conservation targets through careful planning and management of operations, working with stakeholders and partners to develop long-term and sustainable solutions.

This IPIECA guide is designed to help HSE professionals and other relevant staff, e.g. those involved with project planning, in the oil and gas industry to develop Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) for their sites and projects. BAPs are a systematic approach to biodiversity conservation that can build on, and be integrated with, existing company activities and processes throughout the oil and gas project life cycle.

This guidance recognises that each site or project represents a unique situation with its own set of biodiversity conservation related issues and that corporate cultures and management methods may vary widely from one company to the next. Therefore the guidance focuses on the general process recommended to be used in preparing and implementing a BAP rather than on a prescriptive or inflexible method that may be difficult to apply or interpret at many sites and projects. This gives users the flexibility to address their needs in a way that is appropriate to their specific situation. In the absence of legal requirements, the decision whether or how to develop a BAP is always at the discretion of the company.

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