This section includes documents, articles and presentations that provide in-depth accounts and analyses of issues and experiences associated with the impacts and long-term effects of the operations of the oil and gas industries in different parts of the world. Some documents include controversial claims and suggestions.

This section has been divided broadly into three categories:
1.  Critical accounts of negative impacts and effects.
2.  Good practice policies, guidelines and examples.
3.  Tools for running workshops

In the context of capacity-building programmes for engagement with the oil and gas industry, we suggest that a selection of documents from the three categories be used, to stimulate critical debate on issues by including different perspectives and experiences.

Facilitators responsible for implementing capacity-building programmes should familiarise themselves with the documents most closely related to the topics they will address (e.g. flaring, oil spills or others) in order to ensure that the reading materials they recommend will enhance their programme.

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